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Albert Sonny

Albert Sonny is a popular computer expert that had written several article on computer data lost. More that 100 millions computer users around the world, used to read his articles and get knowledge about various factor which leads to data loss. In his article he mentioned factors which cause loss of vital files and suggest which software is helpful in recovering those data. Albert Sonny is committed for providing complete MOV solution that are easy to deploy, use and manage their files. Really, his article had helped several such users in recovering deleted or corrupted MOV files, who have lost their movies, photos, text files, etc. Albert Sonny has been working in this field since 7 Years and has win several awards. He know much that how digital data get stored in electronic device and how to protect it. To contact him CLICH HERE

Jems Mathew

Jems Mathew has complete his M.Tech degree in the Data Mining. He has been working for 15 years in the field of Digital Data. They have given some effective and powerful algorithm which is being in today use. Most of the software developer and IT Industry are implementing his algorithm and making Data Recovery Software. One of such software are MOV Recovery Software, which becomes very popular for MOV file recovery. Jems Mathew is well known and also have written several articles, logs, etc to improve their web community both offline and online. If you want to develop your business then you must contact Jems Mathew. He will surely help you. To contact him CLICK HERE