User Guide Windows

Step 1: Firstly launch the software and click ‘Recover Photo, Audio, & Video’ to recover all photos/music/videos.


Step 2 : Secondly, select a storage device for scanning and recover your MOV files. Then click on ‘Scan Now’ button for instant scan process. A ‘Advanced Scan’ option will be also provided that offers you to custom recovery on the basis of file types.


Step 3: ‘Advanced Scan’ also offers to scan according to the file list, such as ‘Photo’, ‘Audio’, or ‘Video’ or to choose the data range from the storage media. This will help you in customizing the process and minimizing the scan time.



Step 4 : In the ‘File List’ tab select file types you want to recover. It is suggested to select only those file types you want to recover. In the ‘Select Range’ tab you can select specific region of hard drive and click ‘Scan Now’ button.


Step 5 : A progress bar will appear that indicates the scanning progress of your lost or corrupted audio, video or photos.


Step 6 : After complete scan, all files are shown in a tree structure in the left hand side of window pane. Then select files for recovery and click the ‘Recover’ button to save them.


Step 7 : Finally, all the recovered files will be saved on your desired location.